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Ready-to-wear shirt that fits as if it’s custom-made. Rigorously made in Italy.

Find the right size

At the moment all our shirts are ready-to-wear but they fit as if it’s custom-made thanks to our unique "Regular Slim" Fit.
Our "Regular Slim" Fit perfectly balances the sharp look of a slim fit shirt with the comfort of a regular fit.

We offer 2 easy ways to find your LiBrizzi shirt size:
- No manual measurements needed: simply input some basic information and we will predict your body sizes using machine learning and recommend you the best size.

- If you know your body measures, simply input them in the tool and we will suggest the best size.

For any questions contact us by email: hello@librizzi.shop

HOW to measure your body

The following explanations will help you to measure your body.

Place the measuring tape around the neck at the height where the collar would normally rest. This will be just below your Adam’s apple. Stand relaxed. Do not crane your neck out or squeeze your chin down. The tape should be resting lightly on the skin, not squeezing it. Hold one finger under the tape measure to ensure some room for comfort. Do not try to account for shrinkage by adding extra here.

Run the measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest, tight up under your armpits and over the shoulder blades. Let your arms hang down in a relaxed, natural pose. Do not puff out your chest or arch your back in any sort of pose that isn’t natural or sustainable. Read the number on the tape.

This measurement will require a partner. If you don’t have a partner, measure a shirt directly. Either way, it’s helpful to refer to a shirt that fits well in the shoulders. Start the end of the tape on the outside edge of the shoulder where you want the yoke of the shirt to start. This is where the horizontal part of the shoulder meets the vertical part of the arm. Measure up over the curve of the shoulders and to outside edge of the other shoulder.

The sleeve length measurement is taken from the point of your shoulder (where you took the shoulder width measurement), following your bent arm down to where you want the sleeve to end. NOTE 1! Bend your arm slightly when taking this measurement. NOTE 2! This measurement is always the full length of the arm.

The shirt length measurement is taken from the top of the shoulder, close to the mid side of your neck, following your body down to the point where you want your shirt to end.

The waist measurement is taken as a circumference measurement around your waist just above your bellybutton. Stand in a relaxed posture and breathe out.
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