Why Are Slim Fit Shirts So Popular?

Why Are Slim Fit Shirts So Popular?

Nowadays, it seems like slim fit dress shirts take up a majority of the dress shirt section. They are on the racks, they are recommended by tailors everywhere, and extra slim fit dress shirts have taken over the fashion scene. It leaves most men wondering what the big deal with slim fit dress shirts really is.

It Started with Slim Business Suits

The slim business suit became a fashion statement long before the white slim fit dress shirt came into style. These business suits were slightly more tapered towards the middle which highlighted a man’s physique. When these were worn with traditional, regular fitting dress shirts, however, it did not look good. Slender men often had too much excess fabric, and a muffin top look around their waist. Combined, the two looks were horrible. Hence why the slim fit white dress shirt was born. This style of shirt looked spectacular with slim business suits, and it was quickly seen in department stores.

It Grew in Popularity

Then, what started as a fad quickly turned into an important part of the business wear section. Slender men were in love with the confidence that they got from slim fit dress shirts, and they enjoyed finally being able to shop for a shirt off the rack and it fit them perfectly.

Millennial Consumers

The market is plush with a variety of consumers and their separate body sizes. Market research has confirmed that millennial consumers tend to follow hipster trends, and they prefer slim fit dress shirts. This is also the reason why there are so many more designs on these shirts. It is not to shame those that are of average weight, but instead, it is to make them more appealing to the younger generation that is making its way into the professional world.

Young at Heart

Not only do these shirts fit well with the younger generation, they seem to be an amazing find for those that are young at heart. Just because a person is not a part of the younger generation does not mean that they should have to settle for large shirts that have so much fabric they billow around the waistline or boring patterns.


Most people that enjoy a custom dress shirt love that they can get a tailored slim fit white dress shirt. Most tailors are already familiar with this style, so it makes it easier for men to have the thing that is in style, and the dress shirt that fits them perfectly.

Health Trends Have Contributed

The reason why this question seems to pop up so much in the men’s fashion industry is that most of America is currently overweight. It doesn’t make sense why a primarily overweight country would invest so much into a dress shirt that is designed for a slender body frame. The reason is that so many people are keen on losing weight in order to fight obesity. This has led to more men being able to wear a slim fit dress shirt with confidence.

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