What to Look for In A Slim Fit Dress Shirt

What to Look for In A Slim Fit Dress Shirt

A dress shirt is not just the standard working but a returning trend amongst those who enjoy the flexibility between formal and semi-casual. Though, unless it has been tailor-made, everybody’s got some issues with their slim fit shirt; whether it’s too tight around the sleeves, wide waistlines or difficulty moving about.

Here are some tips to pull off a great looking dress shirt while staying comfortable and confident.

Before you survey, first decide if the shirt is going to be tucked or untucked. It may not be rocket science, but it definitely has passed over people’s heads. Extra slim fit dress shirts are more likely to be tucked in as the torso and waist are better portrayed. An untucked slim fit shirt requires more consideration around the midsection, especially the hips and waist. If you’re too laxed, it may look disproportional.

Color coordination is also an important factor. It’s a shame to say but, the formal style and color of the slim fit shirts are highly dependent on the skin tone and hair. Men or women, with a darker complexion, will find wearing higher contrast shirts helps to bring more balance. Similarly, a lighter complexion will benefit from lower contrast shirts. Otherwise, a simple slim fit white shirt will do anyone just as good.

Starting from the top, your collars and neck size. If you cannot fit your head through it, that’s a big red No. Make sure you can button up as well, it offers a unique style that not many can appreciate. If you’re worried, wearing a tie works just as fine to cover it up. Stick one finger in there, if it’s comfortable then you’ve got the right size.

Next, onto the shoulders. Ideally, the width should exceed slightly from your shoulders, but keep in mind to curve downwards. The gaps ensure that you feel comfortable while doing wide-ranging motions while the curves are there to maintain the shape without spiking upwards. 

The chest area also varies between each individual’s frame or build. However, a slim fit shirt should have a tighter chest area giving it a better shape. The easiest indication that it may be too tight, are the visible lines going across the chest. You can always opt for a wider shirt but not to the point of drooping oddly.

The midsection of the shirt covers the waist and hips. The best determinant to sit down with the shirt, and check if the bottom buttons are being strained or unbuttoned. Remember to straighten your sitting posture, while doing this.

Sleeve widths are a common problem. Getting the right fit requires time and patience. Longer arms tend to experience tightness with the slim fit, especially difficulty in moving the elbows. For comfortability, looseness is more suitable as bending or working will naturally tighten the area.

Armhole has not been much of an issue. It’s more personal rather than style, as some prefer their shirt intact rather than sliding constantly. With buttons and cuffs, you can work around tightening and loosening the armhole. If you’re wearing a watch, do take it into consideration

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