A Man’s Guide to Slim Fit Dress Shirts in 2020

A Man’s Guide to Slim Fit Dress Shirts in 2020

The slim fit trend has taken over the world of dress shirts in 2020. Baggy dress shirts are out, and slim fit dress shirts are the new way to look professional. Follow this guide to learn how to look better than ever with this awesome new trend. It isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

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Material is Important

When a person wears a slim fit dress shirt, the material is often closer to the skin. This means that the wrong material can cause chafing, irritation or allergic reactions. These are more likely to happen when a shirt fits closer to the body, so it might not have been an issue when baggy dress shirts were in style. Now, more than ever, customers need to pay close attention to material. Try on every shirt before buying it, and make sure that it feels good against the skin.

Thread Count

When considering the material used, it is vital that people consider slim fit dress shirts with the appropriate thread count. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the thread count is, the softer the shirt will be. Likewise, shirts with a lower thread count will not feel as soft. On the other hand, those same shirts that feel rough are often easier to take care of, and they do not wrinkle as easily. It is important to consider what feels good, and whether an iron will be available, when considering the thread count.

Collar Measurement

The collar fit is one of the biggest differences between older styles and the newer slim fit dress shirt. Instead of a baggy collar with a casual tie, extra slim fit shirts only provide enough room for one finger to fit in between the skin and the fabric of the shirt. This is to give them a professional, slim fit look. It is one of the things that adds to the appeal of the slim fit dress shirt. Those that do not have the collar properly measured face the potential of looking outdated.

Consider Color

The color of the slim fit dress shirt is one of the most important aspects that you should consider. It should look amazing against your skin tone. When first purchasing slim fit dress shirts, it is important to purchase ones in neutral colors that will coordinate with items already in a person’s wardrobe. There is nothing that will make a person feel more invincible than a slim fit white dress shirt.

After picking up a few slim fit dress shirts in the basic colors of the wardrobe, you can branch out to patterns, such as striped slim fit dress shirts. These will add a stylish flair to any outfit, and instantly make a professional appear more personable.

Slim fit dress shirts are a trend that will continue for decades. They are a great way to appear clean-cut and professional. Previous accessories, such as cuff links, are still a wonderful way to spice up a dress shirt too, so you don’t need to revamp your entire wardrobe to enjoy a slim fit shirt.

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