6 Dress Shirts Every Professional Man Should Own (2020)

6 Dress Shirts Every Professional Man Should Own

The dress shirt, the epitome of modern menswear. From the caffeine-fuelled dark roast of Wall Street to the gentle espresso of fashionista’s Milan.

Wherever it is a modern professional find himself, the dress shirt is his battle dress. The right dress shirt can adapt to anything. Transform from business to pleasure, in an instant. A slim fit shirt, well fitted and properly maintained, will open doors.

These are the six most important ones; that should be in the closet of every professional

The Straight Point Collar.

The first shirt you should buy. No ifs, and, or buts.

A white shirt, ideally a slim fit white shirt. This is the shirt for every occasion, button up or down.

This is the original dress shirt, a timeless classic. Since men first decided to wear the suit and tie, this was the shirt.

A simple tie knot is all that is need to tie this one together, although smaller knots are often favoured as well.

The blue Shirt.

The once a week shirt.

Blue shirts bring in a splendid dash of colour to an outfit. More versatile than most colours but livelier than white, every professional should have one of these at the ready.

Pairing well with khakis or a blue suit. It's excellent for out of office duty, whether a day at the park or a soiree in the city, it always works.

A lighter colour tie suits it well. A light pink or even a white with a medium-sized knot always shows expression without being overwhelming.

The striped shirt.

Variety is the spice of life.

A pin-striped shirt allows for an armadas worth of choice. The primary benefit of this shirt is the ability to bring in colours that would normally be out of reach in the office, closer to the fore.

Light and dark hues of the same colour work excellently together. For example; A rich royal blue striped with a lighter more joyous pale or sky blue is an excellent choice. Contrasting collars add another blast of vividness into the environment.

The Plaid Shirt.

A weekend hero.

Now make no mistake, a light plaid shirt excellent office wear. But the plaid shirt truly spreads its wings on the weekend.

A red plaid shirt and Khaki slacks can make headway in any Saturday night bar. Swap the slacks for some chino shorts and day at the park is taken care of.

Dark bold colours favour the Plaid shirt, rich pine green or a luscious scarlet always turn heads.

Speaking of turning heads...

The Mandarin collar.

This one speaks for itself.

There is no dress shirt that can attract attention like this one. The mandarin collar is a statement in and of itself. It is loud and powerful, and it requires a powerful individual to back that up.

Now obviously a tie is not an option with this shirt, however, it does not need one to clutter the beauty of the collar would be a travesty.

If one can manage to be sized into, an extra slim fit dress shirt. Well, then nothing compares.

The Tux

The pinnacle.

The tuxedo shirt could be considered in a category all of its own.

To only be paired with one outfit may seem restricting, but only with restriction comes grace.

‘’In a tuxedo, I’m a star. In regular clothes, I’m a nobody’’.  -Dean Martin-

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